Boss Kass

Mine 56 Truancy Officer


Boss Kass is a truancy officer for Mine 56 on Lythos I. As the one man authorized to carry a gun he represents the law as best as he can for Mine 56. With his gun he carries an inflated sense of self importance and insists on being called “Officer Kass,” though no one complies unless they think it’ll get them out of a fine. If Boss Kass represents the law, then Grasne Velosh represents the order. Boss Kass has neither the manpower nor the authority to manage any real criminal activity beyond public drunkenness and of course, truancy. The miners at 56 know Kass is closer to a supervisor than to an officer and like to subtly remind him of this fact by calling him Boss.

Kass has a decided mistrust of newcomers and tends to be harder on them then other locals. Kass despises Grasne both for being an outsider and for the goon squads who represent his brand of order.

Boss Kass has a couple of lackeys who work in the mines who he’ll deputize if some poor drunk “needs a thumpin.’” However, he can only issue these deputies batons for self defense.


Boss Kass

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