Grasne Velosh

Owner of Until Dawn Cantina


Grasne Velosh is the owner of the Until Dawn Cantina, a stylish yet austere Devaronian. He came to Lythos I five years ago and opened Until Dawn to much excitement from the locals and visitors alike. Though Grasne gives tourists much preferential treatment, he tolerates the locals in his cantina as long as they don’t make a nuisance of themselves or generally drive away the more lucrative tourist clientele. This tiny measure of consideration, plus the threat of being relegated to The 56 Cantina means that most of the locals go out of their way to stay on Grasne’s good side.

The ease with which he opened Until Dawn and the latitudes he’s permitted by the CSA lead many to speculate he must be very well connected within Lythos I’s power structure, or is very skilled in making well placed bribes.

Grasne feels its in his best interest to see that local mining communities are relatively crime free. Since these local communities typically have just one truancy managing crime among 150 or more people, Grasne employs a few goons to deal with more serious offenses. The truancy officers handle the law, while Grasne’s goons handle the order. This does not ingratiate Grasne with the local truancy officers like Boss Kass as they have practically been demoted to meter maids doing nothing but handing out fines, and locals clearly respect Grasne and his goons more than the TO’s.


Grasne Velosh

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