Talik Secura

Twi'lek Drama Queen (Britten's Politico)


Talik’s star was rising in the holomovie biz, but has quickly set and she now performs at Until Dawn Cantina and reminisces on bygone days… to anyone who’ll listen.

Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presense
1 2 2 4 2 4
Charm Proficiency smProficiency smAbility smAbility sm
Coercion Proficiency smAbility sm
Deception Proficiency smProficiency smAbility smAbility sm
Leadership Proficiency smProficiency smAbility smAbility sm
Disguise (Cun) Proficiency smAbility smAbility smAbility sm

Found in a diner with her mother at 10 years old, Talik was cast as the nurse’s daughter in the holovid “Republic Medcenter.” Despite some poor reviews, Talik’s performance was hailed “showing an impressive range of emotions, especially in one so young, she stole the show.”

Her popularity after “Republic Medcenter” landed her a recurring role in the popular holosoap “As the Stars Collide,” where she played young, studious Hirani, constantly being lead astray by bad boy Silais, played by her future husband Nuro Sivron.

The small screen was too small for Talik, however, and she decided to move on to bigger and brighter things. She “Stars”, and Sivron, and auditioned for the lead role in the epic war film “Gone is the Republic”, a role for which she was initially cast. However, after rumors that Talik wouldn’t come out of her trailer for her scenes and incessant squabbling with director Nam Hirumi, esteemed actress Vensal Crooce was recast in the lead as Dawn, a part for which she later won an Academy Award for Best Actress. Due to contractual obligations, Talik remained part of the production and played Dawn’s sister Nabrina, a common Twilek name that means ‘beast of burden.’ As a character who did not appear in the book, rumors circulated that Hirumi had the part created specifically to humiliate Talik. If true, Talik overcame this attempt at humiliation and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the role, though she did not win. Talik married cast mate Tal Merk, but the marriage lasted a mere 8 months.

Immediately after her work on “Gone,” Talik was cast as the sole lead in “Black Hole.” Equally panned by critics and shunned by audiences, it was widely agreed that it was a cheap knockoff of the previous year’s mega-success “Supernova,” starring Talik’s former husband Nuro Sivron.

Next for Talik was period piece “Would You Still Love Me if Taris Fell?,” an epic romance with the Bombardment of Taris as a backdrop costarring famous Rodian thespian Kavilo. While Talik and Kavilo were married during filming, many considered this to be a hamhanded publicity campaign. The film was panned for the lack of chemistry between the two costars, as well as its inability separate the leads from the serious subject matter. The result, as one critic stated, was “a love story so heavy it could resist the gravity field of a Black Hole.” After reviews came out, the marriage between Talik and Kavilo was quietly annulled. Though a flop, as one of three movies he starred in that year, Kavilo’s career was relatively unscathed and he remains one of Rodia’s most prominent actors, and among the very few Rodians with acclaimed performances in holovids and Rodian Theater.

Talik was in just one other film that year, the lamentable “Always a Bridesmaid,” in which Talik starred as lead Pam. While roundly ignored by critics, the film did meet with some success amongst a specific subset of Talik’s fans. However, when a zealous fan sought an autograph from Ms. Secura and stated she ‘really identified with Pam’ Talik was arrested for allegedly threatening her with a drawn knife. While all charges were dropped, the story made the front page of several tabloid publications and Talik’s career suffered. Talik entered a rehab facility for a reported glitterstim addiction but stayed in the facility for only one week. After a brief stint as a headliner on Nar Shadaa fraught with canceled shows and very public disagreements with her directors, Talik could no longer find work in the entertainment industry and has disappeared from public life.

Talik Secura

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