“Picking between One and Fourteen.” In the Lythos system, it’s a choice between two equally undesirable outcomes. The furnace of One, or the frigid supersonic winds of Fourteen. A choice of desperation. A choice of misery. The choice itself, a dead end.

Governed by the laws of the nefarious Corporate Sector Authority, the miners on the tidal locked furnace of Lythos I must work or face fines and imprisonment. The CSA controls the import and export of all goods, and demands exorbitant prices for the most basic needs. Employees might earn enough credits to live, with enough left over to spend a night or two at the local cantina. Or they might earn so little they must indebt themselves to the company store to survive.

But some knew they never belonged in this hell. While those around them were content to work the mines till they died, drowning their sorrows in beer, some few envisioned a greater destiny. Fame. Fortune. Excitement. Perhaps, even justice for the greedy CSA. One group of intrepid adventurers plans to take matters in their own hands with a plot to rob the local company store.

Easy Money

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