Chendaro Vartaan

Human Mercenary Soldier

Brawn Agility Intelligence Cunning Willpower Presence
3 3 2 2 2 2
General Skills Career? Pool
Astrogation (Int) Ability smAbility sm
Athletics (Br) Y Ability smAbility smAbility sm
Charm (Pr) Ability smAbility sm
Coercion (Will) Proficiency smAbility sm
Coercion (Br) Proficiency smAbility smAbility sm
Computers (Int) Ability smAbility sm
Cool (Pr) Ability smAbility sm
Coordination (Ag) Ability smAbility smAbility sm
Deception (Cun) Ability smAbility sm
Discipline (Will) Y Proficiency smAbility sm
Leadership (Pr) Y Proficiency smAbility smBoost sm
Mechanics (Int) Proficiency smAbility sm
Medicine (Int) Proficiency smAbility sm
Negotiation (Pr) Proficiency smAbility sm
Perception (Cun) Proficiency smAbility smBoost sm
Piloting – Planetary (Ag) Y Ability smAbility smAbility sm
Piloting – Space (Ag) Ability smAbility smAbility sm
Resilience (Br) Y Proficiency smAbility smAbility sm
Skulduggery (Cun) Proficiency smAbility smBoost sm
Stealth (Ag) Ability smAbility smAbility sm
Streetwise (Cun) Proficiency smAbility smBoost sm
Survival (Cun) Proficiency smAbility smBoost sm
Vigilance (Will) Y Proficiency smAbility smBoost sm
Combat Skills Career? Pool
Brawl (Br) Y Proficiency smAbility smAbility sm
Gunnery (Ag) Y Proficiency smAbility smAbility sm
Melee (Br) Y Ability smAbility smAbility sm
Ranged – Light (Ag) Y Proficiency smAbility smAbility sm
Ranged – Heavy (Ag) Y Proficiency smAbility smAbility sm

Hired Gun
Second Wind
Point Blank
Side Step


Ex-stormtrooper who convinced his XO to let him slip through bureaucratic holes in order to go AWOL. Less than a year later, got made on a heist that went south. Been on the run ever since.

So, guns are really hard to come by on Lythos I and would likely have been confiscated at the heavily regulated spaceport there. However, I’m building an NPC contact on the wiki right now named Grasne Velosh. He’s a stylish, no-nonsense Devoronian and owner of the cantina Britten’s character works in. He’s also a former criminal boss unaffiliated with any of the big syndicates. Lets say your co-conspirators in the heist you got made in sent you to Grasne and he took you in as a bouncer at the cantina while you laid low. He has a lot of pull with the local authorities, and could conceivably get you in with your gun but his pull with the local authorities is predicated on maintaining a low profile. Guns on Lythos are not low profile. However, based upon your Favor, I’d let you have kept some Laminate armor from your Stormtrooper days provided it was modified to not look like ST armor, and that you promised to work for Grasne in exchange for him getting you in. Blaster bolts are not low profile, but fists and bottles bouncing off your chest would be. I’m also thinking that since the book mentions that ship ownership is typically included in opening Obligation, but I’m not withholding a ship for now, I should give you guys something in return. I’m still open to finding a way for your character to keep his gun if he’s the type to feel naked without one, though.

As to the gun, we’ll say that one of Grasne’s (the cantina owner’s) lieutenants got you in with it, and Grasne doesn’t know. You’ll need to hide that gun from both Grasne and the local authorities, and the guy who got you in is VERY nervous about you having it, but you were very persuasive. With your permission, if you agree your character would be manipulative enough or willing to exploit every edge he has, we’ll say that this lieutenant considered you a personal friend but you pressed your advantage with him and he’s realized after the fact that the friendship might only go one way. In any case, both of you know that if that gun comes to light, your guy is going to get fired, and that’s if he’s lucky. Your guy is also in pretty good with some of Grasne’s goon squads, as well. You can imagine where this is going. :)

Chendaro Vartaan

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