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The Wagon Job

We open to a slew of information gleaned from the back door that Jeet left in the company store’s computer. First, we learn that Boss Kass has managed to keep the robbery at the company store quiet. Next, we learn that Grasne Velosh is a former mob boss unaffiliated with any larger criminal organization. When he started becoming big enough for the larger criminal organizations to start worrying about him, it was mutually agreed that he should seek an early retirement. He is now making moves on Lythos I toward owning a legitimate empire. He’s in the process of buying up Mine 56 and other mines in the area.

Grasne calls Chen into his office. He is not happy with the way the robbery of the company store went down. He feels that not only is Chen not getting Boss Kass out of the way, he is also going to draw the attention of the Espos. Chen jokes about how embarrassing the episode was for Boss Kass. Grasne glares at him and tells Chen not to make him regret the decision to hire him.

Boss Kass summons Mac to the company store to patch a mysterious hole in the wall. He proceeds to grill him on if he has any knowledge of what happened the night before, but Mac doesn’t feel Boss Kass is on to him, just that Boss Kass is trying bully Mac with what little power he is afforded.

With shipment information gleaned from Jeet’s backdoor, the team plans to rob a delivery truck bound for Mine 56. The truck is carrying a safe with payroll for the workers at the mine, as well as supplies to be sold in the company store. After some ideas are passed around, the team decides upon a plan. First, the team will get the key to the safe from Boss Kass. Then they’ll use Talik Secura as a damsel in distress to get the truck to stop. Once they are out of the truck,Ghumbi will knock the guards out with one of his concoctions. The team unloads the safe into one of Mac’s trucks, drives back into town, and then leaves the safe and knocked out guards in front of Boss Kass’s office.

Talik causes a scene with Boss Kass in front of his office over their disastrous first date while Jeet sneaks in behind him and steals the key to the safe. He is nearly caught, as Boss Kass isn’t interested in rehashing the date or talking to Talik, “You might be pretty, but you sure ain’t good company.” But just as Boss Kass goes to walk inside, Jeet slips out.

Next the crew puts Talik and Ghumbi on a “date.” In the path of the delivery wagon, they leave the two of them with a broken down vehicle. The delivery wagon passes and sees Talik as a damsel in distress and go to assist her and the elitist doctor who doesn’t know how to change a flat tire. Talik draws them close, and completely distracts them from the insidious doctor who injects them and knocks them out.

The crew takes the truck, and the safe, back into town. They decide to crash the truck into the company store in the same space the blew open the week before. Chen drives and takes Ghumbi with him just to be safe.

They take a quick car in front of Boss Kass’s office to dump the safe and guards, but Boss Kass is alerted to the car driving outside and rushes out to chase them. Talik and Jeet attempt to dump the safe and drivers out of the moving car, but fail to muster enough strength to hoist it out. They do dump the drivers. While trying to evade Boss Kass Mac obscures a compost heap which Boss Kass runs into. However, Boss Kass begins gaining on them. Mac does a lap around the block and comes back to the front of Boss Kass’s office. Talik and Jeet finally get the safe out of the car. Boss Kass was so focused on the pursuit of Mac that he did not see the safe tumble out of the car and ran into it full speed, knocking himself unconscious.

Meanwhile, Chen and the good doctor crash the truck into the company store and then decide to rob the store’s supplies. Chen distracts the cashier, while Ghumbi knocks him out. Then the two of them take a slew of consumables.

The crew decides to throw a party, and handing out supplies to the miners, fashion themselves into minor local celebrities.

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The Company Store

Our story opens on Lythos I and our heroes are desperate to get off of it. Stuck in either the mining outpost Mine 56 or the Until Dawn Cantina the heroes are in dire straights.

Chendaro Vartaan, after being made in heist gone bad, fled to Lythos I to lay low. He has been working as a bouncer at Until Dawn for about 3 months and likely never would have come here if he knew how easy it is to get stuck here. Grasne Velosh, owner of Until Dawn, invites Chen in for a meeting. Up to this point, Chen has never dealt with Grasne directly he has only dealt with his underlings.

Grasne asks about Chen’s bank robbing past. Grasne wants to get rid of Boss Kass, who has been an annoyance to him, but he wants it done quietly. Preferring to keep his hands off of the specifics, he suggests Chen embarrass the truancy officer and get him fired. He offers Chen 5000 credits upon completion of the job.

Chen forms a plan, and decides he needs a solid team to accomplish a series of jobs that will both embarrass Boss Kass and get Chen (and the if all goes well, the crew) enough credits to leave the planet. His first target? The Mine 56 company store.

Chen starts with getting a driver. Marcel “Mac” Jackson is known as a trouble maker, but that assessment is unfair. Most of the time he was dragged into trouble by a former friend. As the resident mechanic of Mine 56, he’s not only skilled at fixing equipment, he’s the best driver you liable to find on Lythos I. He also has access to some of the mine’s explosives.

Chen then contacts a doctor. Ghumbi is an anesthesiologist from one of the local day spa’s who’s been spending an inordinate amount of time at Until Dawn. Chen recognizes a ‘dirty doctor’ in some sort of trouble when he sees one, and invites the doc to the team.

The plan also requires a honeypot. His time at the Until Dawn leads Chen to the perfect candidate. Tails used to be a mega holovid star, but is now wasting away singing to drunken miners Until Dawn. She could claw her way back to the top if only she could make it off Lythos I and to her audition for Alderaan!, the next big disaster/romance. Money, while important, may not be enough to coax Tails into joining the team. Chen mentions the works of Cameron Woodley, and how being a member of a heist gang could be both research for a future role, and a way to get Tails’ name back in the headlines.

Lastly, the plan calls for a skilled slicer, only Chen doesn’t know where to find one. He posts to a message board that he needs a slicer and that he’ll pay. Jeet, also knows as Crash Override, always paying attention to the local message boards, finds the post, deletes it, and covers its tracks. “Amateurs.” Jeet agrees to a meeting with Chen, where he learns he will not only be unlocking the safe later, but that he’ll be going after the true target: the company store’s computer and its schedule of local shipments.

The crew breaks into the mine supervisor’s office. For Jeet, a homeless youth used to finding creative ways to access computers, this is a common hangout. First, Ghumbi will concoct a knockout serum, which Tails will convince the cashier at the company store to drink. When the cashier is out, Chen guards the door while Jeet goes to work on the computer. Mac waits outside with explosives to blow a hole in the wall. When they have the information, Mac drives a noisy distraction through the outpost from the store, while a quiet truck sneaks off with the safe. Meanwhile, Tails also has a date with Boss Kass to ensure he’s not on patrol while the job gets done.

Boss Kass, always asking Tails for a date, is mildly surprised when she agrees but does not complain. Tails then convinces the company store cashier that he has earned a short break and gets him to drink from a bottle laced with Ghumbi’s concoction. He passes out, Chen sets him into the bathroom with an empty bottle of booze the guards the door, and Tails is off to her date with a truancy officer. Jeet quickly gets to work on the computer.

Boss Kass is mildly annoyed as Tails shows up late to her date at Mine 56’s cantina (a dive reserved for those with low impulse control who have been kicked out of the Until Dawn… and Boss Kass who will not willingly give Grasne money), but does not say so. However, there is then some confusion over what Tails will be drinking. She is used to some sophistication, and orders a sophisticated drink. The fact that this drink would not be on the menu is a fact that’s lost on a woman like Tails. Boss orders her a beer, his annoyance growing. But Tails, if she must be on a date with the unctuous Boss, wants to be drunk doing it. She wants some stronger stuff. Kass agrees. Tails asks the bartender to leave the bottle, and Kass explains to her, in exasperation, that he cannot afford that.

Meanwhile, not only has Jeet cracked the computer and gotten all the information they need for the crew’s future heists, but he has set up but a temporary backdoor into the system so that Jeet can access the system later. Its time for the decoy safe. Chen goes into the back of the store to locate the safe and point out the location to Mac outside. As he does so, an antique battle droid, caked in dust, rises from the corner. It levels a blaster-arm at Chen, and begins repeatedly dry firing at him, the blaster likely neutered by strict CSA regulations. As Jeet enters to attach a restraining bolt to the droid, he realizes the droid is transmitting.

With the date going poorly, and mentioning a situation at the company store, Boss Kass decides to cut the date with Tails short. Tails however, insists that Boss Kass drive her home. Despite the poor date, and despite her home being his rival’s cantina, Boss Kass agrees. Mac begins to place charges on the outside of the company store. Outside Until Dawn, Tails fakes an ankle injury and convinces Boss Kass to help her to the door. Halfway there, an explosion is heard in the direction of the company store. Boss Kass dumps Tails on the ground and rushes to his speeder.

Chen, Jeet, Mac, and Ghumbi attach the droid to the back of the truck, load the safe onto the quiet truck, and await Boss Kass’s arrival. Jeet sneaks off with the safe, Mac takes off in the noisy distraction, and Chen rides with Mac, throwing bottles at the Boss’s speeder. The noisy truck gets away, with enough time to spare to double back on Boss Kass and leave the noisy truck, with droid still attached, outside of Boss Kass’s office.

Jeet cracks the safe, and finds a measley 1500 cred inside. While not surprising that the haul is that small, some members of the crew are still disappointed. Chen reassures them that the real target was the info on the computer, and they should be hungry for the next job.

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