Campaign Philosophy

My inspiration for this campaign comes from The Eagles album Desperado

The premise of the album is that the life of a touring musician is similar to the life of an outlaw of the Old West. The character the album follows starts life in a small town. He refuses to settle for a small town life, and is a bit of a troublemaker to boot, and is looking for a way to make his way in life while also having fun. He sees “it” in a store window (a gun for the outlaw, but an instrument for the musician the outlaw stands in for) and takes it to the country and practices until he feels he’s one of the best.

“Its a certain kind of fool who likes to hear the sound of his own name”

He becomes famous, but the fame isn’t all its cracked up to be. He’s abandoned any semblance of a normal life. The outlaw’s life becomes just another job, never having enough money to quit, and needing to stay on the run from the law (or having to go on tour).

The outlaw and his gang plan one more job, the big score, that last score, “no more running.” But the outlaw sealed his fate when he chose to leave a normal life. Eventually you run into someone who’s been gunning for you, you’re not what you were when you were young, and you lose (or for the musician, you tour until you’re audience finds you irrelevant or party yourself into a heart attack).

I liked the idea of a band of characters who didn’t fit in with the small town mindset, and who were willing to seek fame and riches or just the fulfillment of their ego to be the best at something through infamy. EotE makes the perfect setting for this.

Campaign Philosophy

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